Sunday, September 03, 2006

Get Happy Tour '06

I posted this a while back on my myspace blog, thought I should post it here as well(the concert was on Aug 24):
I went to see Bowling for Soup in the Idaho Falls show of the Get Happy Tour last night! It was a great concert, aside from the little kids that were ther(wtf)! Other bands that played were Army of Freshman, Punchline, and Luckyboys Confusion. I really enjoyed AoF and LC. They both rocked! I was able to meet and talk with some members of AoF and get some stuff autographed! The lead singer pushed by a couple of people to come talk to me. (I had my face painted up as a Texas Flag w/the letters BFS across my forehead as a tribute to Bowling for Soup). He told me to wait out by the busses after the concert cuz the BFS band members would want to meet me. He said that they saw me in line from the bus and were taking pictures!! I was stoked! Anyways, I did get to meet the Bowling for Soup guys and get all their autographs as well!!! It was awesome!
Here's a little pic of what my face looked like:

And Here's a little montage of the Get Happy Tour I found on YouTube(If you look closely you can see me at the 30 second point; my backside, I'm in a burnt orange shirt):