Sunday, November 20, 2005

Pecan Soup

So today I tried to make Pecan Pie. My mom said she uses the recipe on the Karo syrup bottles. So that’s what I tried to use. I started preheating the oven at 350 like the instructions said and then I mixed the ingredients together and poured it into the crust. Everything was going beautifully. I was excited. I really like pecan pie and I was about to enjoy one in about an hour or so. Well, I put the pie in the oven and went online for about 20 minutes. I had to check on the Cowboys’ schedule. I check on the pie and the edges of the crust were burnt and the top of the pie was also blackening. So I took the pie out, placed it on a rack and let it cool. When I came home from church, I tried to cut into it, and it was still soupy inside. It hadn’t hardened at all. I was very disappointed. Especially since I had to pay ten bucks for the pecans, when at home, you can just pick them up off the ground in the backyard. So when I talked to my momma tonight she told me that I should have covered the edges with aluminum foil and placed the pie pan on a cookie sheet to deflect the heat. Things the recipe probably should have instructed me to do. So when I do this again on Thursday morning, I’ll do that. And I’ll probably set the oven at 300 as it seems to have cooked a little hot, even if it didn’t have the cookie sheet. Needless to say I was very disappointed with my pecan soup.


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